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Jessica Huinker, “Pink”, Executive Administrator of Operations
Jan Huinker, “Red”, Visionary CEO / Designer / Owner
Amelia Mallan, “Green”, Sales Manager




My name is Jan Huinker.  Years ago, I knew I wanted to start my own business upon retirement.  So for the fun of it, my daughter, Jessica Huinker, and I started throwing around ideas.  We chose to name our business Pinkredgreen Inc.  I wanted to start a woman-owned and operated business using the talents and passion of the 3 generations in my family.

 I designed ARMEASE® (a unique women’s garment that “sleeves” clothing) while still working as an RN at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  When working as a nurse, I wore either business clothing or scrubs.  Many of my dresses were sleeveless and my scrubs had short sleeves.  My arms would get cold.  When I wore a sweater or jacket, it covered my outfit.  I wanted to make a simple garment that would “sleeve” my clothing without the lumpy look. 

Along the way of designing ARMEASE®, I realized I wanted a garment that would work for all women even though it wasn’t designed yet.   Pregnant women, Nursing mothers, women of all sizes.  ARMEASE is a unique women’s garment that “sleeves” clothing.  The soft rayon fabric from bamboo and front snap avails it to all women including pregnant and nursing mothers.  It is so versatile, it can be worn under scrubs, business attire, or patient gowns.  It can even be worn over clothing as a short crop jacket.    My business was “born.”

After I retired, I researched other women entrepreneurs.  I came across articles about the Spanx founder, Sara Blakely.  How she started her business really inspired me.  Especially, since I was wearing my version of a footless, figure control garment under my slacks!  And even though I was just looking to market on a smaller scale, I felt I had something other women would want.   I followed some of her ideas such as choosing a distinctive name for the product and getting it Trademarked.  I also filed for a design patent, just because getting a patent is on my bucket list!

Initially, I planned to keep my business small, just selling to friends and family.  We then started to attend fashion expos and everyone has loved ARMEASE®.  Customers at the expos asked if we had a website.  Okay, why not?  And if I am going to have a website, shouldn’t I have a logo, too?  One thing led to another.  My next move is to make these garments available in stores throughout the region as well as selling them worldwide through my website.

Now retired, I designed ARMEASE® so all women could enjoy the benefits.

So many people think we should try to get on Shark Tank.  Who knows?  My bucket list includes getting ARMEASE® on Oprah’s Favorite Things!  I can dream big, right? 


Jan Huinker, Visionary CEO, Designer and Owner of ARMEASE®

EASE®, Please!